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XNA – Simple Collision Detection

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Here is some incredibly simple code to check for collisions. The method is accepting an x and a y coordinate. The for loop then loops through each object on the screen and checks first to see if the x value is within the x-range of the object. If that check returns true, it performs the same check against the y-range. If all checks are true, we remove the object from the list so it will no longer be drawn and increase the score.

public void checkClick(int xPos, int yPos)
//iterate through the balls
for (int ball = 0; ball < balls.Count; ball++)
//check the x position first
if ((xPos >= balls[ball].Position.X) && (xPos <= (balls[ball].Position.X +  balls[ball].Texture.Width)))
//cehck the y position
if ((yPos >= balls[ball].Position.Y) && (yPos <= (balls[ball].Position.Y + balls[ball].Texture.Height)))

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