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.NET – 2 way databinding via a binding source

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One thing that I have always loved about Delphi is how well all the controls play together and the flexibility that you have through the visual designer. Data binding to controls is a cinch. You can drop in a query object and then tie it to a dataset. You can then bind anything to this dataset, such as a grid and several drop downs. When you click on a row, it will show the value in the corresponding drop down boxes as well.

In .NET, this is much harder to accomplish using an N-Tier framework. I discovered the other day that when using binding sources you can accomplish this by using just one extra line of code:

textBox.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text", BindingSource, "Field_name", true));

Piece of cake! Now when any other object that is bound to this dataset is selected, generally a grid, the text in the textbox will update to the contents of the dataset.


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