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XNA RPG Tutorial

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I found an interesting tutorial over at XNAGPA that has been keeping me occupied for the last week or so. The think that I am enjoying the most about this tutorial is that it really focuses on what happens behind the scenes and everything seems to be really well thought out. I have followed many tutorials and find that many of them only teach one thing. Then you have to figure out how to incorporate them into your projects. This seems to be particularly difficult with things like a good Game State Management System . You have to start your project with this in mind or it is a complete bugger. These tutorials walk you through game states, incredibly good object oriented layouts, gui components, etc. I feel I have learned more from these tutorials in the past week than I ever have in my XNA studies. I plan to post some more projects up later after I have completed more of these tutorials. I have a neat Silverlight side-project in mind.


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