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Why not to use the “delete before publishing feature” in Visual Studio

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So, I learned an important lesson yesterday, I narrowly avoided wiping the entire site so far. Not that I have a whole lot of content yet, but it would have been a bit heartbreaking to say the least. I am working on a personal project that involves setting up a subdomain on this site that will host a silverlight application. My web project is set to delete all files and replace them when I perform a publish. Well, I am troubleshooting some issues with a WCF service and posted some files in my root directory. A couple of mistakes later and I accidently tried to publish my project to the root drive rather than the folder that houses my subdomain. Many of my folders and all of my files were wiped from the root directory. Thankfully, I happened to have a backup of most of the files and most all wordpress content is housed in the database. Talk about a rough lesson to learn!


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