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Silverlight WCF RIA Issues – Implement Domain Service

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As i’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have been having some issues with WCF services in Silverlight. On my local computer, my application would compile and run just fine. When I would move the web service out to my host, GoDaddy, I would always get back errors that did not make any sense. I scoured the internet and found nothing of use. I have a clientaccesspolicy.xml, crossdomainpolicy.xml and did everything else the web told me. I then stumbled into some articles about using the entity framework with RIA calls, I am using LinqToSQL. These articles uses a domain services file to interface with the web service. I implemented this and everything began working. The weird thing is, so far it seems that I only need to expose the table itself through the domain service. I can still make all my web service calls, inserts, etc by calling my web service directly. Most frustrating problem ever!


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