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Automating a WebInspect Scan using PowerShell and the WebInspect API

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I have been struggling with the WebInspect API for quite some time now. It seems that I could always call the get methods just fine, but some of the post methods had some weird syntax that I could never figure out. After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to use PowerShell to start a scan with the WebInspect API. I am posting this here hoping it will help out others. It seems that Google does not turn up anything on the API other than some HP help files which really do not help.

$wiapiScan = "http://vmwebinspect01:8083/webinspect/scanner" #set this to the location of your webinspect API instance

$body = @{
    settingsName="Default"    #the settings name to use for this scan
        ScanName="Testing"    #The name to give the scan
        StartUrl="http://scrubbed"   #the url to scan
        CrawlAuditMode="CrawlOnly"   #crawl, audit, or both.
        StartOption="Url"    #refer to the API documentation for the other options
    } | convertto-json

$response = Invoke-webrequest -Method Post -Body $body -Uri $wiapiScan #put it all together

Be sure that $wiapiScan is set to point to your WebInspect instance. Remember that the API has to be configured and started wherever you are hosting WebInspect. In my case, I am using a dedicated VM.


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