Josh-CO Dev

Solving the worlds problems one line of code at a time.


My real name is obviously Josh. During the day, I am an Information Security Analyst for a large utility company in the Midwestern United States. My primary functions are application security and mobile security. What this really means is that I am in charge of making sure our developers are writing secure code and that we only implement applications that meet certain security guidelines and also that our growing mobile infrastructure is properly secured. Previously, I worked for about 6 years as an application developer for the same company. I have coded in many different languages and products including Delphi, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, C#, C#.NET, Pascal, Actuate Reporting, Cognos BI, Microsoft BI, TSQL, PL/SQL, and many others. My area of focus was the energy marketing sector and I was responsible for the system used for commodity trading.

In my free time I enjoy game programming and have used a variey of technologies for this. My personal endeavers are where most of the content of this site will come from. I am also an avid power lifter and martial artist so don’t be too surprised if I deviate from nerdiness to manliness every once in a while.


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