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Developer Learning Programs

At my place of employment we tend to do things the old fashioned .NET way, think datasets. We have an outdated framework and an outdated knowledge-base. One of our biggest problems is that many of our developers simply do not keep up with current development trends, they tend to become comfortable in their jobs and not want to learn anything else voluntarily. To help combat this, we are beginning a developer learning program where we spend about 30 minutes every other week giving a presentation and demo on many newer topics. I will try to post some of this information here as we share it at work. Here is a list of our beginning topics:

Named Parameters

Optional Parameters

Dynamic keyword

Automatic properties

Anonymous type





Metro style apps vs classic style apps


Silverlight and WPF



Interface development

XML Documenter



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.NET – 2 way databinding via a binding source

One thing that I have always loved about Delphi is how well all the controls play together and the flexibility that you have through the visual designer. Data binding to controls is a cinch. You can drop in a query object and then tie it to a dataset. You can then bind anything to this dataset, such as a grid and several drop downs. When you click on a row, it will show the value in the corresponding drop down boxes as well.

In .NET, this is much harder to accomplish using an N-Tier framework. I discovered the other day that when using binding sources you can accomplish this by using just one extra line of code:

textBox.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text", BindingSource, "Field_name", true));

Piece of cake! Now when any other object that is bound to this dataset is selected, generally a grid, the text in the textbox will update to the contents of the dataset.