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FarmTopia Demo 2

In this video, I demonstrate the basic item pickup, the item context system, NPC dialogue, and the shop. Let me know what you think.


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Farm Game – NPC Dialogue, trees, and much more added

I’ve been working pretty hard on the farm game for the past few days but not a tremendous amount to show for it! The biggest thing that I have added is the NPC dialogue. I am using a CSV file internal to the project to create what is basically a conversation database. Currently, it will use the animation name of the sprite to look up the conversation and then look up the correct conversation. Currently, any NPC will support three conversations though this could be expanded easily. Some other minor things have been added such as trees and bridges! Next step is to implement a basic vendor NPC where the player can buy/sell items.



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Farm Game – Basic Item Database and Dialogue Boxes

I’ve been pretty hard at work on the farm game this week and have a couple of extra features implemented. On top of some basic fixes, I have implemented a dialogue system. It’s not complete you, but you can see the basics of it at work in the screen shot. This also shows off the fancy item database. Essentially, each item is assigned an id which corresponds to an animation. That id also corresponds to a separate array that holds the basic information about an item. Currently, this is just the id, name, sell price, and purchase price.


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Unnamed Farm Game Demo 1

I’ve been hard at work this week trying to get more work done on my yet to be named farm game. The biggest thing that I have in place now is the inventory system. Right now, I only have 6 slots enabled, but that can easily be increased. When you collide with an item, it will find the next available inventory spot and add the item. If you already have the item, it simply add another. There is also the option to drop an item. Dropping the item will cause it to actually remove from the inventory and appear on the screen. Let me know what you all think so far!