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Basic Inventory System Added

After a little bit of work, I have added a basic inventory system. Currently, it is not fully functional but it is there, stores the data, and does work. Tomorrow I’ll try to clean up the graphics a little bit and set it up so that an inventory item can be selected. Then I need to work on picking up items, dropping items, and using items. Ahoy!



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New Farm Game

So, I’ve actually been doing some game programming again here lately and have started up a new Harvest Moon type clone. I’m pretty sure that I posted some articles from where I was doing this in XNA a while back. So far, I’ve got the player animated and moving, a basic scrolling tile engine, a basic HUD, and a stamina system. So far, there’s not anything to do. I’ll try to get more screenshots posted as I progress. I’m hoping to make some real progress in this one!FarmGame1

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Basic Tile Engine Tutorial – Creating our player class

If you haven’t completed the previous tutorial yet, be sure you do so. You can find it here. Also, if you want to download the code for all the way through this tutorial, you can find it here.

In this tutorial, we finally get around to the fun stuff and get the base for an actual working game. This tutorial will cover adding our player class, animating the player, etc.

First, create a new folder in your content project and name it peeps. You can really name it whatever you want, but the code I have written points to “peeps”. Download the below image and place it in the peeps folder.

Now that we have our sprite sheet, let’s start the tutorial.

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Basic Tile Engine Tutorial – Creating our player class base

Update As with the other tutorials. I have whipped up a new solution for everything that we have covered so far and placed it here. Please feel free to download and have a working demo. I have also cleaned up the code a bit from the tutorial. Going forward, I will try to invest the time needed to clean up the code as I write the tutorials.

This is the third tutorial in our tile engine series. This tutorial will cover starting our player class to make our game playable! Please be sure that you have followed the previous tutorial located here first. This is probably the one component that if I had to do everything over again, I would have done it different. Revisiting this, I likely would have implemented a physics engine such as farseer.

-Start by adding a new class to your project and name it animatedSprite.
-As usual, add all the xna namespaces
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Construct 2

Rencently I have been trying out a product by the good people over at called Construct 2. I have only been playing with it for a few days now but have been able to create some pretty cool things. Everything is really intuitive and has a drag and drop type of interface. There is no coding required and all actions are based on an event type system.   Also, you can export your projects to work on any platform: web, desktop, iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc. There is also a free version that you can download to try out the product. Long story short, this is a really cool tool and I plan to write up some tutorials in the near future. Go check them out!

This is what the event editor looks like. You can see how simple the event system works.