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Delphi Source Control and Versioning

One of the things that never fails to cause me a headache is versioning and source control in Delphi. The company I work for uses Delphi 7, so we have to manually use Visual Source Safe for our source control. Unlike a newer tool, like Visual Studio or even RAD Studio, there is no integration with any source control environments. What this means is that we have to handle source control by hand. We perform monthly releases on our main system in Delphi and generally do not do any rollouts outside of this monthly releases. What is a huge pain is when an issue arises and you have to perform a rollout outside of this monthly release. For Sarbanes Oxley and other government regulations, we cannot let unapproved code move to production. This means that we have to manually backup all of the changes that we have made for the next release and pull old code out of visual source safe and recompile. If you are working on a large release, you will inevitably forget to back something out and it will slip to production. What would be great is if there was a versioning tool that allowed you to revert back to a previous state without having to manually perform all of these processes. Here’s to looking to the future!