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New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

Caught this yesterday. This looks freaking amazing. The Wii U just keeps getting better.


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Farm Game – Basic Item Database and Dialogue Boxes

I’ve been pretty hard at work on the farm game this week and have a couple of extra features implemented. On top of some basic fixes, I have implemented a dialogue system. It’s not complete you, but you can see the basics of it at work in the screen shot. This also shows off the fancy item database. Essentially, each item is assigned an id which corresponds to an animation. That id also corresponds to a separate array that holds the basic information about an item. Currently, this is just the id, name, sell price, and purchase price.


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New Farm Game

So, I’ve actually been doing some game programming again here lately and have started up a new Harvest Moon type clone. I’m pretty sure that I posted some articles from where I was doing this in XNA a while back. So far, I’ve got the player animated and moving, a basic scrolling tile engine, a basic HUD, and a stamina system. So far, there’s not anything to do. I’ll try to get more screenshots posted as I progress. I’m hoping to make some real progress in this one!FarmGame1

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Diablo 3

I’m starting to play Diablo 3 again for the first time in a while. Maybe it’s just because I’m playing a new class, but it really seems like Blizzard has made the game funner in the past 8-9 months that I haven’t played at all. I’ve started playing as a Barbarian this time and am really enjoying it. If you’d like to play, feel free to hit me up. My tag should be pikuchan.

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XNA – Code Example. Moving a Sprite with Scrolling Backgrounds

So I decided to upgrade my project last night and add sprite movement. The ability has been added to control a sprite, left and right only, on the screen along with the scrolling background. If the character sprite reaches 150 pixels from either side of the screen, the sprite movement will halt and only the background will scroll. The next step is to implement some basic jumping. Then I think a tile engine needs to be built to handle ground objects, and then some gravity to hold the character on those objects. The background logic still needs to be seperated off into a different class as well.

The biggest changes here are that we upgraded the sprite class to handle some additional methods. We also added an inherited class hero to handle the main character. The biggest chunk of logic is as follows:

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Clicky Balls – Finished

Here is the source code for my first, this time around anyway, XNA game titled Clicky Balls. The game is quite simple, just click the objects as they populate on the screen. You get a point for every object you click. If more than 50 objects are on the screen, you lose! It gets more difficult the higher your score gets.

I will make some tutorials out of this later on.

Clicky Balls