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Severe Office 365 Token Disclosure Vulnerability

My organization is doing what many organizations that use Microsoft products are doing right now, and that is evaluating Office 365. I think it’s safe to say that the response from the Security team has been overwhelmingly that it is a bad idea from the get go, especially with the amount of confidential data that we have. On top of this, it is a lot more expensive compared to our internal, secure hosting that we are using now. Suffice to say, I was incredibly joyful when I stumbled across an article last night showcasing a severe vulnerability for Office 365. Check it out at: Office 365 Vulnerability

Now, this is being released because Microsoft is about to patch it, but it has been around since at least April, and most likely longer, and there are probably many other security issues as well. It’s always nice to see articles such as this when as Microsoft sales reps are constantly telling you just how secure everything is, how there are no problems, and it is just as secure as the internal hosting we’re using now. We all know it’s a line of bullshit, but it is nice to have the proper validation.


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Microsoft Live Meeting

So, how many people out there are really using Microsoft Live Meeting? Honestly, I find that I rarely need to use this type of technology, but when I do need it, it is amazing. Our team is spread out across two locations throughout the state and we often have to travel to other sites within the state. So when you have some sort of presentation to give, Live Meeting steps up as a great product to share a presentation. Where we will begin to use it tremendously is the developer learning program that I mentioned in my previous post. We will be performing live demos from within Visual Studio and need employees in remote locations to be able to see what we are doing as we are doing it. I’ve done a lot of desktop sharing before, but never any live coding, here’s to hoping this goes awesome!