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Interview with Dr Gary McGraw

This is another good video from the HP Protect 2013 conference. It’s another video of Dr. Gary McGraw talking more about his thoughts and the BSIMM. Definitely worth a watch, there is a lot that you can learn from this guy.


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Dr. Gary McGraw Software Security Keynote

Bug Parades, Zombies, and the BSIMM: A decade of software security!

I had the privilege of attending the HP Protect conference in Washington D.C. this year. I found it to be a great experience and I’ll see if I can’t get a write up of it going sometime in the near future. One thing that I did want to share was an excellent video from the software security keynote by Dr. Gary McGraw of Cigital. Very informative and entertaining.

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The Convergence of Programming and Security

In my previous post, we talked about the basics of application security and how only 60% of corporations have implemented a DAST tool set. The scary part is that most corporations who are implementing basic application level security start with DAST. What this really means is that only 60% of corporations have even started to implement basic application security principles. Obviously, some companies are much further along and have implemented other technologies such SAST, glass box testing, and secure coding guidelines, but these are the minority.
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Career Change

I have been programming professionally for seven years now and have been programming as a hobbyist for over 15 years. Now, I am leaving programming altogether and moving my career to IT Security. This was actually a planned part of my career path and I am very excited about the change of focus. I am hopeful that this will actually have a positive impact on my blog. I love programming and I have no intention of quitting. This should motivate me to spend more of my free time coding games and writing tutorials for this site, rather than letting it stagnate for months at a time. Here’s to the future!

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Microsoft Live Meeting

So, how many people out there are really using Microsoft Live Meeting? Honestly, I find that I rarely need to use this type of technology, but when I do need it, it is amazing. Our team is spread out across two locations throughout the state and we often have to travel to other sites within the state. So when you have some sort of presentation to give, Live Meeting steps up as a great product to share a presentation. Where we will begin to use it tremendously is the developer learning program that I mentioned in my previous post. We will be performing live demos from within Visual Studio and need employees in remote locations to be able to see what we are doing as we are doing it. I’ve done a lot of desktop sharing before, but never any live coding, here’s to hoping this goes awesome!

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Developer Learning Programs

At my place of employment we tend to do things the old fashioned .NET way, think datasets. We have an outdated framework and an outdated knowledge-base. One of our biggest problems is that many of our developers simply do not keep up with current development trends, they tend to become comfortable in their jobs and not want to learn anything else voluntarily. To help combat this, we are beginning a developer learning program where we spend about 30 minutes every other week giving a presentation and demo on many newer topics. I will try to post some of this information here as we share it at work. Here is a list of our beginning topics:

Named Parameters

Optional Parameters

Dynamic keyword

Automatic properties

Anonymous type





Metro style apps vs classic style apps


Silverlight and WPF



Interface development

XML Documenter


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So, I have installed several other products, and unfortunately WordPress seems to be the best out there. I guess I will either have to learn to love it, or write my own software. In the mean time, I will try to be more active.